Automatic mechanical condensate drain AOK 16C series

Automatic mechanical condensate drain AOK 16C is designed for fully automatic discharging of condensate or any other non-aggressive fluid from compressed air system. AOK 16C is easy to install inside to the filter housing. The automatic mechanical condensate drain can run in three different ways. Automatic acting-condensate accumulates in the filter housing and when the level is high enough condensate is being automatically discharged from the system. Servo acting valve is operated by precise level controlled floater which assures reliable and efficient operation. Semi-automatic action when the pressure in system drop under the 0,1 bar the condensate drain opens and discharges all accumulated condensate. Manual action condensate can be drained off by push up lower brass part of the drain.

automatic drain AOK 16C


operating pressure16 bar
operating temp. range      
1,5 to 65 °C


• cyclone condensate separator
• air filter

Technical data


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